Ugh anyone wanna give me some awesome messages?! Entertain me. Talk to me. Tell me inspirational words. Nice words. Bad words. Facts. Anything. Go go go go

Someone’s bored..lol

Nothing gets passed you..lol

Anonymous: so theres this guy i really like we've been through a lot but it's never been official its always complicated with us, his birthday is coming up and im contemplating on whether i should buy him something or not what do you think? 

I think you should. Something simple though. Something hell definitely smile about.


I just want to get high and go to sleep. But my moms boyfriend is over ):

Lol my struggle forever.

Anonymous: don't ever feel down about yourself, gorgeous; keep your head up princess your tiara is falling x 

Not down about myself. I never am, it’s what’s happening but thank you.